Everything Isn’t For Everyone

I’m back with another blog entry for those of you that have been emailing me asking my whereabouts.  I haven’t left.  I’m right here.

Almost one year ago, I decided to try Internet Marketing.  Now, I know I’ve never been good at marketing and sales, but I’m not afraid to try… again.  There are many people that are outstanding and make a lot of money.  So, with a positive attitude, I tried…again.  I am not afraid to admit, sales and marketing is not for me.  I’d rather, HONESTLY, spend time with my family and friends, enjoying life rather than staying up all hours of the night and working weekends. “Off On Monday” is for barbers and hairstylist.  I found myself working more hours and harder as an Internet Marketer than I did with my so called, “regular” job. Hell, I love my “regular” job!!!  You see, I’m happy working my “regular job”.  I have more fun, actually. My quality of life is great!

I had given up doing some of the things that I LOVE to do.  I got tired of cutting my Sundays short to attend webinars.  For those of you that do that, just remember, everything isn’t for everyone.  Salute!

I’m back to doing what I love and that includes making a difference in the lives of those that serve our great country!  This includes the likes of myself.

I’m also picking back up on my style/fashion likings!  Yes, I said likings…lol.  I’m honored to be a GQInsider.  Stick around and watch me.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Life is short.  Do what you truly enjoy doing!  LIVE!!!







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