Are You Addicted To Your Paycheck?

As written by my associate, Chika Nwoko

In the famous Jim Rohn words, if you have too much month left at the end of your money. Or too many weeks as is the case in most of America today, then you might be addicted to your paycheck.

Addiction to your paycheck is just like any other addiction.   It’s like a junkie getting that fix, the alcoholic getting that drink. When it comes, you get that rush that adrenalin feeling.

Finally you can pay your rent or get a full tank of gas and buy some much needed groceries.  Of all the addictions, such as drug, alcohol, gambling – the one least talked about is the paycheck addiction.

Maybe that’s because it is just cool as lots of people have it.  It’s the new normal.  What’s not cool, is accepting the fact that you may have that problem.

Answering the following questions will tell if you are afflicted by paycheck addition.

Can you survive the next six months without a paycheck, or would you go under financially?

Have you recently had to borrow money from close friends or a family member?

Do you quiver before you put something on a credit card?

Do you have too much month left at the end of your money?

Do you look around your home for things to sell on ebay?

If your answer was Yes to 3 or more of the above, then you may be a PA. (Paycheck Addict)

If you’ve ever been laid off then you’ll know what it’s like to face your pay check addiction head on.  It’s like going cold turkey. It can be deep, it can hurt, it may be humiliating, but it can just what you need to spring out of your hole.

So how can you break this addiction?

Well how about telling employers to shove their stinking paycheck?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work for yourself, from home or anywhere in the world that you could log on to the Internet?

What if you could also generate residual income month after month?  Instead of waiting for your Paycheck fix.

Those days are long gone.


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