I had physical therapy today.  Afterwards, I had a meeting to discuss an upcoming event.  Then I had 45 min to prepare to brief a bunch of Air Force commanders…and this is how I showed up.


I was approached in the hallway after my brief regarding my attire.  I explained that I had asked if I needed to be in uniform and was told no.  Therefore I wore my clothes that I had on.

This shirt gets me through physical therapy.  It’s tough and it plays on your psyche when, in your mind, you can lift your leg but in reality, your leg is not lifting off the table that you’re laying on.  And you’re using everything that you have in you to lift your darn leg.  So I glance down at my shirt to remind myself of all I’ve been through.  And somehow, it’s not pretty, but I’m lifting my leg.

Now, I did ask about being in uniform. If my attire offended, look at my heart. #SemperFi


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