Where Are The Ethics?

***This Is Just Wrong***
(This is going to be short and to the point.)
In a video that I posted on my Facebook page, I told everyone that I do visit each and everyone of their page’s. I’m just going to be honest here; it angers me to see some of the pages that I visit. Why? Take a look at this…
This Is A Post From A Person’s Page
“Come join an opportunity were you are guaranteed to get paid are you guaranteed to have success… let’s keep your pockets fat and your gas tank full inbox me for any questions..”What’s wrong with it? Would this attract you or send up a red flag? Only people that are naive are going to “fall” for this and trust me, when they find out the TRUTH, they will leave.

Be honest with people. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. It takes commitment and dedication and drive. NOTHING in life is guaranteed. Do you want quality or quantity? If you do things the right way, you will get a large quantity of qualified business partners.

If you want your income to be truly residual, be honest, truthful and build trust. Most people don’t want hype, they want integrity!

Let’s talk about this.  Am I wrong?

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