Pursue Your Dreams!!! You Owe It To Yourself!

I am so proud of and happy for THIS guy right here!

Jason and I worked in Aircraft Maintenance together; he was a propulsion technician and I was in electrical and environmental. I remember him telling me several times that he wanted to be a pilot. I wanted to fly as well, but I didn’t want to be a pilot. (although now I can jump in the seat.)

I changed my AFSC (job, for you civilians), in May of 2013 and headed off to school to become a Loadmaster. I’m not sure when Jason switched, but as you can see, he did.

A few weeks ago I walked out of my office and glanced behind me when I saw someone else in a flight suit. Then it hit me, after a couple more steps…I turned around and there was Jason! Lt Rimmer, Pilot, USAFR! Being the southern gal that I am, there was no need for a handshake, this was a “gimmie a hug” moment.

You see, in life, if you are not satisfied where you are, go after where you want to be! Yes, it may mean taking a risk like I did and like Jason took. But look at us, we are living proof! No one did it for us; we made it happen by stepping out there. There are other dreams and goals that I have and I’m going after them with full and total commitment to making them happen as well. Jason, thanks for your hard work, leadership and dedication as a PTL…lol. (we had some good times out there on the track as well…lol).

Reach for your dreams and don’t give up until you’ve made them a reality!

#YesIFly #FlyAssTomboi #WeFly



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