It Has Never Been About Me

Earlier today, I got “Coined” by LtCol Michael Ramirez, Commander of the 345th Airlift Squadron here at Keesler Afb. The 345th AS were attached to us as a part of the Total Force Initiative. I was honored to sing at the deactivation ceremony of the squadron and I am honored that LtCol Ramirez asked me to sing at his retirement ceremony tomorrow. 

Then I walked into my office and saw a fellow Marine, CPL Kyle Carpenter, receive the Medal of Honor, our country’s highest award. I am so honored to be a member of the United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force. 

After watching the ceremony, I noticed that there were a bunch of Navy Seabees gathering in the lobby area of our squadron.  I’d learn that they were there to learn about out mission as the only authorized squadron to fly directly into Hurricanes.  Yes, we are the World Famous Hurricane Hunters!  After watching the presentation and a Q&A session, I, along with another LtCol, escorted the group out to one of our aircraft.
I’m not sure how I ended up becoming a part of the tour, but I had a blast!
We took them out to a plane that was closed up.  It was easily over 100 degrees inside that metal tube, but they stood there, listening to me as I explained a small portion of my duty as a Dropsonde Operator.  
After leaving the plane, one of the Seabees asked if I could take a picture of the group.  I took his camera and politely obliged.  Then, with his camera, (he is a Captain by the way), I took a selfie. The nerve of me, huh?  Well, life is about living so you might as well enjoy the moments that life gives you, right?
Moving right along.  I began to think, as I sat in my office at home.  You know what, life is not about how many medals or awards I receive.  It’s about what I did with my life to help others.  Did I leave them with a kind word?  Did I exemplify Christ?  Did I help make someone’s day a little better, or at the least, make that moment better for someone else?  
That’s what drives me to internet marketing.  I refuse to offer people something that has no value to them.  I won’t do it!  That’s why I left some companies. I want to help people.  That’s why I choose Ingreso Cybernetico.
First of all, I attended several webinars where I listened to the President of the company speak.  I needed to do my due diligence.  I was not going to waste another dime trying to find the right company that I wanted to represent.  He spoke about his relationship with Christ.  Somehow, he always related his training to things that are biblical.  He demonstrated a true and pure heart to help people.  He was mature and honest.  All the qualities that I appreciate.  I NEEDED to team up with him in Ingreso Cybernetico.
So that’s where I stand; determined to help someone else.  I will do that through Ingreso Cybernetico.  I will help the people that join me as business partners grow their business by providing them with quality training.  Their incentive should be self-imposed.  However, there are plenty of incentives that IC offers.  There are 8 different ways to get paid in IC.
So you see, it’s not about me.  It’s about you.  I want to help you and show you that your dreams are possible.  You have to take the first step.  Contact me today and let’s get started!
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I’ll see you on the inside!

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