Not Just Another Blog

No way, Jose…THIS is not just another blog.  Nor is this just another blog post.  This is what is nearest and certainly, most dearest to my heart.  I must admit that I had some trouble writing this because I didn’t want to uncover or make myself completely vulnerable to strangers that may come across this and read it.  Then I did a self-check.  This is my heart beat and I am proud to share this with everyone!

I tore my LCL in November of 2013 at SERE school.  Yes, I’m military, part-time.  For whatever reason, I was scheduled to have surgery the first Friday in June 2014.  Yes, 7 months later.  But I’m not here to talk about that with this post.  I’m here to talk about my son.

My son decided to join the military.  He wanted to go into the Marine Corps but with me being a Marine, I could give him some intel about life as a Marine.  So, he joined the Air Force.  I currently serve in the Air Force Reserves.  He attended Basic Training and his scheduled graduation date was 6 June 2014, the same day as my surgery.

When he called me and told me the date the first thing I did was call the hospital and cancel my surgery.  You see, I hadn’t seen my son in 3 years and I was not going to let anything stand in the way of being with him during this special time and accomplishment in his life.  There was no way in hell.  Now, my surgery is scheduled for the day after my birthday later in June.

I have to tell you, when I saw him I was overwhelmed.  I teared up and tried my best not to cry in front of 1000 strangers.  He didn’t see me but I certainly saw him.  A mother knows her child, features and all.

It wasn’t until the end of the coin ceremony that I was finally able to go to him.  I tapped him on his shoulder and he let out a loud gasp.  He then buried his head into my right shoulder and we hugged so tight as we stood there, sobbing.  I could no longer control my emotions and they rushed out in the form of tears.  I was finally able to tell my son, my only child, how much I love him.  I just kept telling him over and over again in his ear as we continued to embrace and cry.  We both just cried.  That was all we could do in that moment.

When we released our embrace, I was able to gather myself up enough to tell him that I was so proud of him.  I don’t remember who gave me the tissue but “thank you”.  I was there to see my son, alone, just as I had done and had been for the first 15 years of his life. It was he and I, standing there on the “pad” with me admiring him just as I did when he was born.  It was just he and I.

That Thursday and the next three days my son and I would talk about life, why he decided to join the military, and anything else that we wanted to talk about.  I saw so much of me in him.  At times it scared me.  I just couldn’t believe it.  He had grown into a young man and was just as compassionate and concerned about others as I am.  I have a natural passion for people and he displayed those exact qualities.  I saw him stand out as a leader as he helped other Airmen.  I saw him give direction.  I saw people trust his words.  I saw people follow him.  I saw my son as a leader that is still being developed into something greater…an even greater leader than I.

I love that young man and will lay down my life for his.  I am so very proud of him.  Words don’t express what I feel in my heart and they never will.

So you see, this is not just another blog post.  These few words are an ” epic fail“.  How can I express, with words, the joy that my son has bought me?  I can’t.  This is my measly attempt.  All I can really say is Thank You Lord.


History - A1C D. J. Moore and SSgt K.P. Moore - son and mother

History – A1C D. J. Moore and SSgt K.P. Moore – son and mother


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