No Compensation Plan Changes Here!!!

Remember that line in the movie when Tom and Jack were in the court room and Jack says, “…you can’t handle the truth…”?  Well, our CEO sat in the hot seat a few nights ago to answer some questions about the future of Ingreso Cybernetico.  This interview was unscripted and he did not know, beforehand, what the questions would be. When the interview began, the listeners were invited to type in questions that we wanted him to answer.  Mind you, the listeners were from other companies as well.  You will hear the interviewer ask a couple of questions from me, as he does mention my name.
Ok, let’s be honest, there is a lot of things going on in the industry right now. Companies are changing compensation plans.  Checks aren’t being paid out.  People are misleading people just to get numbers and not quality.  People are being led to think that this is some get-rich-quick shiny object scheme…that they can just sign up and sit back.  This is a business, people.  You have to run your own business with commitment and dedication.  

You’ve seen my post about the awesome company that I’ve partnered with which has allowed me to be self-employed. Now hear straight from the CEO, Dwayne Golden, on the future of this company and how we are changing the industry. There are no secrets, only complete transparency – something that I certainly can appreciate and I’m sure you will too! I invite you to watch and listen to the interview. I asked several questions and you will hear my name mentioned a few times.

After you watch, if you are serious about being having your own business, take action! Go to my website and join me. Start your 30 Day Blueprint training and let’s get going!

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See you on the inside!


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