The title of this says is all…STOP MISLEADING PEOPLE!!!

I have been in network marketing and internet marketing for a short time.  However, in this short time, I’ve seen so many people lying to me and others and it ticks me off! It’s no wonder why this industry has a bad rap!


I’ve been told to join with one team because I won’t have to do anything except pay my membership and watch the checks roll in.  I’ve been told that it’s easy.  I’ve been told that I will make a lot of money right away.  All is this misleading and not the truth at all!!!


The fact-of-the-matter is this, Entrepreneurship is a financial decision.  You will work your butt off to get started.  You will miss meals and sleep if you fully invest yourself.  It IS hard, at least, at first.  This may not apply to you but it does apply to me fully.  You will be discouraged but keep your head up.  You will have to work the difference is that you determine how much you want to work.  If you don’t work, it won’t work!  If someone tells you that all you need to do is pay your fee and sit back, RUN!!!  No!!!  You pay your fee and you get your business going!  You invest in your future.  You do the work to build up your business!  


People tell you these things that I’ve mentioned to get a dollar in their pocket.  Don’t be gullible.  EARN everything that you get.  You earn them by working for them.  




If I offended someone with this then oh well!  Are you one of those people that is guilty of this horrible offense?  Oh, and NOTHING IS FREE!!!  It takes money to make money. 


The great thing about that is that there are opportunities available for different levels of start-up.  For example, to start up with my company you pay a one-time fee of $50. That’s affordable.  Now you have to get to work to make that convert into $125 over and over again.  The next level is the $100 which you only pay one time.  That level will convert into $300 over and over again.  You can reinvest the commissions that you made from the $125 to get you started in the $300 level!  That is something that actually works and people are getting results based upon how much time they put into working their own business.  


This is a great opportunity that I believe new Entrepreneurs like myself can start and be comfortable.  They can learn the “ropes”.  There is a 30 Day Blueprint that teaches you invaluable lessons on how to run your business, not just the one for the company that I’m with, but it relates to ANY business.  There are resources that are available to you when you join.  You can set up your business online and sell digital products and keep 100% of the commissions!  You only pay $25 per month for the maintenance fee which includes domain name, hosting, auto responder service, lead and capture pages and much more.  Separately, you’d pay much more for all of this.  Everyone knows I’m telling the truth!  I know companies that charge you $100 per month and you have to buy their products on top of that!  There is real value here!  


The thing that attracted me to my company is that no one told me lies.  From the CEO all the way down the line, I was told that I needed to go to work and start earning!


So, to all those people that are not being honest, STOP MISLEADING PEOPLE!!!
Go here now to get started with your business today!!!
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This is Karen, and I approve this message.  Have a great day!

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