One Thing That I LOVE About This Company…

I strongly believe that communication is a lost art.  One of SEVERAL things that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about Ingreso Cybernetico is their level of communication with EVERYONE. They don’t just communicate with the top leaders of the company.  Their communication is inclusive from the new home business owner that just started to the business owner that has been with them for two years.  

Another thing that I LOVE about this company is that they are just focused on talking to members of IC.  Our CEO talks to anyone and has excellent advice for anyone even if they promote another business!!!  How AWESOME is that?

I could not have partnered with a better company, and no, this isn’t my first company that I’ve represented but it is my first choice!  

As you will see below, we have new products that will be coming out for small business owners as well as the products that we currently have for home-based business owners.  

For anyone that was wondering what I’m talking about, take a look at the information below:



Subject Line: Important Urgent Reminders and Updates powermove



Dear Karen,

Please see the below memo that includes current updates and reminders about your IC business, and do pass this information on to your team members.

Current Reminders

As of May 1st, the 1st month free activation is no longer in place.  We have made several announcements, sent email messages, and even have clarified in webinars.  Please do not tell your prospects that the 1st month is free.

The decision to remove this promotion is to allow you all to begin earning your residual from day one when new members start their business with your team (direct and indirect)

Stay tuned in for our up coming registration for the 2014 IC Residual Income Conference that will take place in Miami on July 17 & 18.

If you have not yet viewed the financial budgeting webinars that will set up your long term residual income, please watch them as soon as possible to get off the a great start during Team Building Month!  

Watch the residual income foundational videos now! 

The Residual Foundation Part I: 

The Residual Foundation (creating your home business budget) Part II: 

Members Guidelines
Please remember to review the member guidelines that are located in the dashboard if you have not yet read and agreed to the guidelines for operating our IC business.


Magic Responder
You can now use the single otpin option inside of Magic Responder.   However you must note that if you are using any unethical means to bypass our opt out url,  your account will be closed permanently

Language Institute
We now offer English for Portuguese speaking members and will release our learn Portuguese for English/Spanish speaking members in the near future.

New Releases

IC Blogging
Just a few days ago we released the new blogging platform and you can find this blog in your product list and begin setting up asap.

Webinar/Google Hangout Platforms
Before the end of this quarter we are excited to release our new Webinar, and Google Hangout platform for our members (both will qualify for Affiliate resale items).

New Small Business Retail Packages
Coming soon to be released during our residual income conference in Miami is our small business packages that will be available for affiliate resale, etc.

This new small business tool suite will include but not be limited to:
Autoresponder set up with
Cloud service
Live Chat software integration
Webinar and Google Hangout
Social network designs
Lead Pages

And much more….

Let’s get ready to continue this fight for a new and better culture for this industry together Karen!

Dwayne M. Golden, CEO
Ingreso Cybernetico, SAS


There is so much more to this company.  For more information, contact me and watch this video on my page and, Join Team EZ Money and make your POWERMOVE.

I’ll see you on the inside!


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