Here Are 3 FREE Tips To Help You Succeed In Network Marketing

So you are in network marketing or MLM and you’re not having any success.  You’re ready to give up and throw in the towel, right? You have spent money and haven’t received that nice return that you expected, right?

Look, I started in network marketing over 10 years ago…and I failed!!!  Let me explain so you won’t think that I’m just another “Joe Blow” trying to blow smoke.

I worked with an exciting group of people that had a nice office and motivational meetings every morning.  After the meeting, a team of about 6 people would break out and hit the streets to sell or “merch” to the cold market.  We made a sale of our product every now and then but nothing to write home about.  We were in our nice buttoned-down shirts and slacks.  After all, we had to look presentable and professional, right?  Of course we did.  We’d work for hours and we’d be so excited that we wouldn’t even take lunch. At the end of the day, around 7:00pm, we would meet back up at the office to share with everyone how great we did!

We took the trips down to Florida for the big company conference where everyone would be so hype.  The owners were there in the fancy cars that we dreamed about driving.  (We could only look at them and keep dreaming).  We’d go to the pool parties and the seminars because they were free.  Some of us slept in our cars because we didn’t have the money to get a room or we’d put our money together and had only enough for one night between all of us.

Pretty pitiful, right?  Do you think an experience like that would leave a bad taste in my mouth?  Well duh!!!

It’s now some years later and I’ve re-entered the network marketing world.  I’ve read books and I’m applying what I’ve learned, not just from the books, but from that past experience.  Now I want to share 3 tips with you that will help if you apply them. These tips are something that I heard before but didn’t apply them.  I just saw them again and wanted to share, with permission of course..

Here they are:

Begin With A Strategy

Your strategy should include 3 specific elements to ensure success:

I. Target
a. Select a specific target (financial) immediately
b. Write it down and keep it handy
c. No number is too large

II. Time
a. Always use a specific time frame in which you will achieve your target
b. Possibly from of 6 months, or 1 year
i. 6 months will be maximize each generation with in 30 days
ii. 12 months will be to maximize each generation in 60 days
c. Use an income estimator to determine what will be possible in this time frame

III. Training
a. Training is the most important part of your teams growth
b. This is the true catalyst to growth through many depths
c. Always be open to training

Now, if you have ever been in network marketing and failed, I want to give you another chance.  I am offering you this turnkey system that EVERY internet business needs in order to increase sales and growth.  This system is so amazing!  It is helping thousands of businesses around the world!  This product is the solution!

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Much success!!



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